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Combining the design flexibility of a steel-framed building with the superior envelope of fabric structures creates the best flat storage solutions for bulk material.

Legacy’s design-build team models fabric buildings for bulk storage around your piles. This is the most efficient way to maximize storage capacity while leaving room for handling, loading and distribution.

Non-conductive fabric keeps the interior cooler and reduces moisture, self-heating, molding and insects. The frame also supports ventilation, keeping the interior drier.

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Salt & Sand Storage

Fabric buildings have become the top choice for businesses around the globe due to the versatility, revenue savings, and maximized efficiency. Sand and salt bulk storage facilities made with fabric provide a wide variety of benefits in comparison to other construction materials. ExxoTec™ fabric allows natural light in for an energy efficient storage solution. Fabric is also corrosion resistant, making it ideal for storing materials that may be harmful to steel such as salt or sand.

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Featured Application

Fertilizer Storage

Fertilizer storage and mixing facilities require plenty of room for both storage and equipment, as well as requiring building materials that won’t be harmed by corrosive materials. A fabric bulk storage facility is the ideal solution for commercial fertilizer storage due to their versatility, durability, and non-corrosive aspects. Fabric storage buildings are built to last and withstand all harsh elements.

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