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Overhangs, also known as eave extensions, provide several practical and aesthetic advantages to fabric structures.

Fabric roof overhang options range from one inch to six feet or more. Per building code, overhangs are engineered to carry double the snow load, per square foot, of the roof area.

Most fabric structure manufacturers can’t add overhangs because a single panel is pulled over the roof and walls. Adding an overhang in the middle would cause the fabric to be pulled out of plane and warped, causing maintenance problems in the future. With Legacy’s patented attachment system, the roof, walls, and soffits are individually constructed and tensioned for a secure, longer-lasting fit no matter the building shape.

Advantages of Roof Overhangs in Fabric Structures

Adding fabric building overhangs is the first step in a water management system. The overhang protects the area around the building from falling rain and snow. Adding additional water management features, such as icebreakers, gutters and downspouts, allows the building owner to completely direct the flow of runoff into designated areas.

The area under the overhang is also a practical area to add air intake. Leaving the soffit open, or adding mesh panels or vents, allows cool air to intake at the occupied level without creating “dead zones” in the center of the structure. Overhangs in combination with rooftop vents comprise a complete gravity ventilation system.

Canopies over doorways and access points create a unique look while providing a dry, shaded area near the building. Custom canopies are available in any size and shape for an impressive appearance and protected area.

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Beyond our comprehensive fabric building roof overhang options, we offer a wide assortment of other features and options to ensure that your new fabric building meets your specific needs and provides you with multiple benefits.

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