Getting Started

The Legacy buying process is all about helping you, the customer, realize the building you need and want. Our experienced team of professionals works with you every step of the way.

Step 1

We listen to you

During your first contact with Legacy Building Solutions, you are assigned a dedicated fabric building expert who learns the details of your needs and your project. Your consultant will stay with you through every phase of the project and assist with questions before, during and after construction.

During your first meeting, you are under no obligation and will not be pressured in any way.


Step 2

We Assist You with Bid/RFQ Requirements

During your evaluation, our fabric building experts are available to discuss your project with your engineering company. In fact, we will even help you determine the specs for your 3-bid evaluation process to ensure you receive bids from vendors that offer only high-quality fabric buildings.

Step 3

We Provide a Customized “Rough Order of Magnitude” Plan

We will prepare a “rough order of magnitude” (ROM) for your project that provides you with all the additional information you might need during your decision-making process. This includes a preliminary work plan, a design plan, a list of materials specifications and estimated costs for your project.


Step 4

We Complete the Design Process

Our sole objective is to ensure your building meets each of your company’s needs. Your consultant will work with you to:

Fine-Tune Your Building Design and Costs
We work closely with your entire engineering and architectural team to fine-tune your building design so that all your functional needs are met. And we’ll help you determine all costs for the project, including doors, lights and other fixtures.

Establish Foundation Design
Our extensive experience in foundation design and construction is part of the project to ensure the foundation for your Legacy fabric building is of optimal design, durability and site flexibility.

Manage the Project
As a special add-on service, Legacy experts are also available to provide complete construction management services for your fabric building.

Step 5

We Conduct Pre-Construction Meetings

Before breaking ground on your project, Legacy will gather information about your site and your local codes and verify all aspects of the project that relate to the grounds themselves.

We are also available to hold a pre-construction planning meeting with you, your project manager and your engineer to review the project phases and timeline.

Step 6

We Construct Your Fabric Building

Unlike many other fabric building manufacturers, we don’t contract third-party companies to assemble our buildings. Our construction teams have more experience building fabric structures than any other in the world, and they have intimate knowledge of every aspect of our materials, our designs and our construction processes.

To Finish

After all data is collected, all plans are approved and contracts are approved, the construction process begins.

Post Construction

Your dedicated Legacy consultant is available after construction to answer any questions about the building and its features. When you are ready to expand, the Legacy team can help!

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