Design-Build Construction

Design-build construction is a simpler project delivery system than traditional construction methods. Rather than relying on one contractor for design and another for construction responsibilities, the design-build process streamlines the arrangement: one company provides both services. Legacy Building Solutions’ in-house engineers and designers work closely together to provide multiple construction advantages for our customers.

There are many benefits to our design-build process:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Shorter building timelines
  • Transparent communications at every phase
  • Single point of responsibility (reduced risk)
  • Less chance of project miscommunications

Without the need to solicit and compare bids, our customers have more time to focus on choosing the building specifications and features that their project needs. Our designing and building phases overlap, with each providing valuable information to the other. For example, our rigid steel frames are fabricated in-house long before they reach a construction site. This allows the implementation of design changes with very little delay to construction.

Legacy’s contractors provide high-touch customer service. The process includes a partnership that lasts from pre-construction through building completion. Because our customers work with our team from start to finish, nothing is lost in translation and no concern is disregarded as someone else’s responsibility. At Legacy Building Solutions, we believe that seeing a project through to completion makes the difference between a job well done and one that’s lacking in quality.

Why Design-Build?

  • Expedited construction: Bid process is eliminated, owner-appointed change orders are simplified
  • Faster return on investment: Less time spent on construction means faster occupation and profit
  • Single source of accountability: No ambiguity or miscommunication on the jobsite, one contact throughout the process

Design-Build Awards

  • 2017 DBIA-Upper Midwest Region Merit Award
  • 2014 DBIA Project/Team Award

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