Customizable Fabric Structures

Every aspect of a Legacy fabric building is customizable. The length, width, sidewall height and peak clearance are all individually optimized to maximize the building square footage. Tall, narrow buildings to fit on a small lot or clear span designs over 300 feet wide – anything is possible with customizable fabric structures.

Legacy’s computer-aided design and engineering creates features not typically associated with fabric buildings – including lean-tos, offset peaks, overhangs and varying column heights.

In an offset peak building, the highest point of the structure is not in the center. Offset peaks accommodate conveyors or catwalks where you need them, and support lean-tos and other building loads. Offset peaks give a building a unique look not possible with other fabric buildings.

Adding a lean-to creates additional space. An enclosed lean-to may be used as storage, a heated work area or even office space. Open lean-tos protect vehicles, equipment, bulk materials and more from rain and moisture. Any size of lean-to is available, as well as multiple lean-tos on one structure.

Varying column heights allow one side of the building to be built on an existing wall while the other side extends all the way to the ground. For example, varying columns are an effective way to use existing foundations as part of the building design.

Adding overhangs is another way to create a unique look and increase the functionality of a building. Overhangs protect the area next to the building and divert moisture. Overhangs are customizable to any length and may include ice breakers to prevent large chunks of ice and snow from striking the ground.

Legacy custom fabric buildings are available with a clear span design over 300 feet wide. In instances where clear span design is not a priority, adding interior columns can possibly reduce the building cost.

Designed for Your Needs

Our 100% in-house team has the unparalleled experience to custom engineer the fabric structure to fit your operation’s requirements. From comprehensive ventilation, to corrosive-resistant liners, to icebreakers, and from stand-alone structures to new additions: if you need custom building features, we can build them.

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