Door Options

The rigid steel frame of a Legacy building offers unlimited options for doors and openings. The straight sidewalls, wide portals and optional jack beams allow a door of any size and shape to be hung anywhere on the building.

Common door options include man doors, ADA-compliant doors, overhead doors, fabric roll-up doors, bi-fold doors, bi-parting hangar doors, MegaDoors, hi-lift doors, bottom rolling doors and rubber doors. Open walls and removable wall panels are options for very large openings.

Fenestration is nearly as important as the type of door. Doors placed on opposite walls create a drive path for load-in and load-out. Adding man doors along with overhead doors allows separate, safe access for personnel and equipment. Computer-aided design software enables any door configuration without overstressing the building frame.

Fabric Structure Door Framing Options

Jack beams and spreaders create wider openings for large doors. Spreaders are often used on the exterior wall of the building as well as between the lean-to and main building area. This creates maximum maneuverability for loaders and large equipment.

Doors may be installed by Legacy crews during building erection, or afterward by local contractors. If local crews will be installing doors, Legacy will leave framed and wrapped openings and complete finishing work after installation.

Any Door For Any Building

The convenience of a Legacy fabric structure allows you to install the optimal door for your buildings. Whether you need a fabric roll-up door for a home or a bi-fold door for a fabric hangar, you can maximize travel paths for your workers, and guarantee easy access to stored materials.

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