Side Wall Options

Legacy custom structures have fabric building side wall options to increase durability and accessibility.

Side Wall Cladding

Fabric, concrete, steel, stone and other materials may be placed along the building side walls. Concrete or steel side walls increase the wall’s load strength and resistance to damage from accidental collision. The weight of alternative cladding options will be accounted for during engineering.

For maximum airflow and ventilation, pavilion-style buildings are available with open or partially open walls.


Fabric building sidewall options include several colors and weights. Side wall fabric can be the same color as the endwalls and roof, or choose a complementary color for a unique look. No matter what type of fabric you choose, individual panels are fabricated independent of the roof and endwall fabric panels. Fabric panels are double-ply and secured to all steel supports for longevity and strength.


Straight side walls accommodate any number or type of door along the side walls. Jack beams and spreaders are used for wide doors spanning more than one bay, creating endless options.


Curtains maximize the versatility of a fabric building. Roll-up curtains, drop-down curtains and fully automated thermostatically controlled curtain systems are available.

More Than Just Fabric

Our buildings are fully engineered to be efficient, cost-effective and meet your operational needs. Whether you need special liners for metal-working facilities or no walls at all, our in-house team will design and build the structure you need.

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