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There are two reasons for choosing a lined fabric structure. Liners and insulation maintain the interior temperature of the building. And in corrosive environments, adding an interior fabric liner seals the building frame and prevents any contact with the corrosive materials.

Insulated Fabric Structures

Insulated buildings along with climate control systems create an ideal indoor environment year round. Add structure insulation to the entire building, or insulate part of the building such as a lean-to.

Fiberglass batts ranging from R-19 to R-30 are most common. All insulated fabric buildings are lined to provide a clean appearance and protect the insulation.

A white liner will also reflect and magnify the light available inside the structure, decreasing the need for artificial lighting. Insulation also minimizes reverberation, creating superior acoustics inside the building.

Lined Fabric Buildings

Structure liners are often added to buildings in harsh environments, such as chemical or fertilizer storage. The liner is attached to the building using a keder system and keeps the frame out of contact with all corrosive elements – including fine dust particles.

Lined buildings also include a cavity ventilation system to prevent moisture build-up on the frames. Access panels, which allow the building owner to access the frame for regular inspections, are available on lined fabric structures.

Full Service Protection

Add an interior fabric liner to keep your assets indoors and protected from the potential harmful effects of harsh weather, while keeping your structure safe from corrosion.

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