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CGB Agricultural Salt Storage
and Distribution Terminal

Naples, Illinois

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The Rundown

CGB Inc. uses a fabric structure to store, bag and distribute agricultural salts at their Naples, Illinois, facility. The building uses an offset peak and cast-in-place concrete stem wall to create separate areas for equipment and storage.

Customer Success

“We have really bad soil conditions here. Because of our soil issues, we simply couldn’t afford to construct a more traditional building. The concrete costs made a more traditional building cost prohibitive. The lightweight design of our Legacy building allowed us to reach a compromise between soil conditions and cost. Regarding the design and construction phases of the building, I can say that the process went exceptionally well. When I made eleventh-hour changes to the job, Legacy handled them with ease. The Legacy construction crew was very professional and courteous. They finished the job well ahead of schedule, worked safely, and followed our stringent safety requirements to the letter.”

Joe Bitter | Alliant Energy/IEI Barge Services

“We obviously had contracts, but the overall feel was kind of like the olden days, where you felt you could just take somebody at their word. Everything that Legacy said they were going to do, they did. Price is a major factor in any purchase decision. But we didn’t blink at having to pay a little more for the Legacy structure. Sometimes you have to spend more to get a higher quality building.

The installation was very smooth. Legacy’s in-house crew worked in cold winter conditions, and they erected the building within five days. They were a very professional group, and I’d highly recommend them.

We like the sidewall columns going straight up instead of curving down like in our hoop buildings. First off, it lets us put more product in there. And our front-end loaders can get much closer to the walls and drive straight down the sides. It gives us more working room and increases our efficiency.

In the long run I think this will be a building that requires less maintenance. Legacy was so outstanding to work with that I didn’t even bother looking at pricing elsewhere.”

Marty Shell | Five Rivers

Feature Details

  • 100’ x 150’ (15,000 sq. ft.)
  • Offset peak with fabric wall between two sections
  • CIP concrete foundation with stem walls
  • All steel framing members hot dip galvanized
  • 27 oz. ExxoTec™ Elite PVC fabric – white with gray trim
  • Overhead doors for heavy equipment access
  • 20 psf snow load, 90 mph windload, exposure C, full exposure
  • Building use: Agricultural salt bagging and distribution

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