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Croft Fertilizer Dap & Potash Fertilizer Storage Building

6,000 sq ft Tension Fabric Building for Dap & Potash Fertilizer Storage
Athens, Illinois

Croft Fertilizer - Project Profile

The Rundown

This custom building uses a solid steel frame and concrete storage bays to store bulk DAP and potash. Separate doorways provide safe, easy access to both types of stored fertilizer.

Customer Success

“The building surprises you. In the winter it feels warmer and there’s no wind, and in the summer it feels cooler. It’s more comfortable inside the building almost all the time. I’ve literally never been inside a fertilizer shed that was vented this well. Even during the summer, we don’t have the slimy floors from humidity inside.”

Chuck Peterson | Fertilizer Storage Company

Feature Details

  • Building size: 60 feet x 100 feet with 2 endwalls
  • Straight sidewalls with 29-foot clearance on top of a 9-foot concrete wall; 46 feet tall at the peak
  • Two 18 foot x 18 foot doors on the front endwall
  • Steel frame is hot dip galvanized
  • Ventilation: 4 mesh vents
  • Designed for 90 mph winds and 25 lb. snow load
  • Building use: DAP and potash fertilizer storage with a concrete divider wall in the center of the building

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