Case Study

Trapeze School New York
Fabric Building

4,000 sq ft Tension Fabric Building for Trapeze School
Brooklyn, New York

Trapeze School New York - Sports and Recreation

The Rundown

A unique roof shape allows high flying inside this custom fabric-covered building. The solid steel frame supports trapeze equipment, students and safety nets, as well as climate control and lighting systems.

Customer Success

“Great service over many years. The facility looks great and it is very photogenic, which is important since we get a lot of media coverage.”

David Brown | TSNY

Feature Details

  • Building size: 50’wide x 80’ long
  • Custom multi-sloped gambrel roof design
  • Includes design loads for direct connection of trapeze rig and netting
  • 14.6 oz. FR polyethylene white fabric with dark blue trim
  • Gable peak mounted intake vents and exhaust fans
  • R-30 insulation system with interior white FR PE fabric liner
  • Complete rain gutter and downspout system
  • Field installed attachment points for client equipment and supports
  • 25 psf ground snow, 98 mph wind, seismic B
  • Design meets IBC 08/NYBC 10
  • Building use: Trapeze school, athletic and sports training

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