Case Study

Truck Load-Out

Massive Tension Fabric Building for Truck Load-out, Operations Shop & Storage
Wembley, Alberta

Plum Electric Fabric Building - Oil & Gas

The Rundown

This massive transload building for frac sand uses a conveyor and lean-tos for easy loading. Bulk frac sand is contained in a concrete storage bin, accessible by loaders and trucks inside the building.

Customer Success

“By today’s standards, the buildings we’re designing are of world-class caliber in the U.S. and Canada. Legacy offered several features that put them at the top of the list. We were very impressed by their engineering team. They are unique among fabric buildings in that they build on a rigid steel frame. Everything looked good, from the eave and ridge ventilation system to the method for installing fabric panels. Combined with material delivery times and the time to construct, Legacy seemed like the perfect choice for our application.

“The whole design is very efficient for our operations. Flexibility is key, especially when the building is a ‘first of its kind’ for the industry. We had one design change after the whole plan was in place, to widen our trapeze in the structure that supports the conveyor, and Legacy was able to make that change without any problem. The conveyor system fits and operates just as it was designed.

“Legacy knew our schedule and saved us over 30 days of downtime. They stood the frames for the entire fabric structure in a single day, and everything – conveyors, electrical, fabric – was completed within five weeks of them coming to the site. It was a Herculean effort on Legacy’s part. It was fantastic. They have a very passionate team, from top to bottom. In all respects, from design to pricing to production, Legacy is one of the best building contractors I’ve ever worked with. I look forward to working with them again.”

Mike Miller | Source Energy Services

Feature Details

  • Building Size: 120 feet x 480 feet
  • Offset peak frac sand storage building with concrete wall system
  • Lean-to extensions for customer operations:
    • Area divided for truck load-out, operations shop and storage – includes full fabric liner and cavity ventilation system
    • Engineered for conveyor and cat-walk loads
  • Passive ventilation system includes twelve 3,000 cfm roof peak vents and full mesh soffits under all overhangs
  • Product loading and unloading accommodated in the structure’s design
  • This fabric building in Alberta meets Canadian codes and loads:
    • ABBC 06LS/NBC 05, CSA A-660
    • Wind pressure 0.4 3kPa (9 psf), snow 2.3 kPa (48 psf), rain 0.1 kPa (2 psf)
    • Open exposure, partially enclosed, standard occupancy
  • Building Use: Frac Sand Storage

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